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i wrote a poem for you because
you make me believe in happily ever afters,
romantic suicides and the fact that one day
i might not break everything i touch.

i don’t know what i’m going to do in four years
because i can’t comprehend a life without you.
and i hate you for it.
you’re just so—

you adjust my skirt and give me a pair of jeans
and say, “don’t let society make you .”
you stay up late with me to watch the sun set
only to wake me up early to see it rise.

you guide me out of the way of
already-broken leaves and
piggy-back me straight into puddles and snowdrifts.
you steal pieces from every one of my jigsaw
puzzles and call it a metaphor.

you’re beautiful and amazing and
if anyone ever tries to tell you differently,
it’s because they’ve never seen you
laugh at two o’clock in the morning
or spend days trying to figure out how to knit
a scarf for your step-sister’s birthday.

they’ve never seen you bang the steering wheel
to the rhythm of any song you
can find on the radio, or grin at your paper
when you figure out a math problem.
they don’t know the way you dance to
Here Comes the Sun in the middle of the cereal aisle
or that you can only snap your fingers on one hand.

at the end of almost every text you send,
you sign ‘ily’, like you’re trying
to say it as much as possible before you start regretting it.
i know i won’t—even if we turn into an accident,
i’m not sure i could ever regret you.

so here’s a poem i wrote about you for valentine’s day.
i hope it makes you smile like the day i told you
my hair was like fire and your eyes like ice
so maybe if we got together we could destroy the world,
or even build a new one.
mandatory valentine's day poem

i couldn't think of a title--options are welcomed. i couldn't think of an ending. help is recommended.

i know it's cheesy and all. half of it's real, half of it's fake. this is a great example of why i write about suicide rather than love-- i understand one more than another. i wanted to make this poem so it could be from a friend to a friend too.

and that's the thing i really hate about valentine's day--everyone always forgets there's more than one type of love. that it's not just romantic love, but love between friends. so, this year i gave out valentines to my friends, because i might not have romantic love in my life, but at least i have them.
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Chipchinka Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013   Writer
I love this; there are so many humdingers in this piece, but my favorite is the way "you" remove a single piece from a jigsaw puzzle and call it a metaphor! Brilliant work on every level.
mangosquirrel Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i love it soso much.
Hfeather53 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
this is so wonderful.
violetense Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student
Simply beautiful.
authorofthings Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
this is really great...awesome job. really great
CheesyRatLove Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
That. That. Was. So. BEAUTIFUL!!!
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