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“I Need You To Tell Me Everything You Can Remember,” he says.
i close my eyes so i can’t see nothing i don’t want to—like
the red blue white lights on the cars—
and think back years and minutes and hours.

the playground is overrun by jungles and pirate ships.
a battlefield of skinned elbows and dirt faces and,
“mommy, can’t i please stay a few more minutes?
we’re about to defeat the dread captain Roberts!”

we’re peeking out of our boats into the ocean.
it is summer. we may never go back to school again.
we are pirates, we are astronauts,
we are sky-big.
our sunday clothes are stained green, our lips stained blue.
the man by the slide has lost his dog.
he’s carrying around the leash and
asking us to help him, and i would have, sir,
i swear, but my team was winning and i couldn’t
just leave ‘em.

jimmy did though. he was on the losing team anyways,
so it didn’t matter much. he’s a crybaby anyhow.
richie asked him to go find the dog, and i guess he told him
to not come back until he had because
jimmy didn’t finish up the game, sir.
last i saw, he was goin’ off with the man, sir.

i’m not really sure i can tell you what the man looked like, sir.
he was really tall, i guess. wearin’ blackish clothes.
had a dog leash for his dog, the one he lost, you know?
he kept smiling too, but he wouldn’t play, just kept askin’ us for help.

uhm, they went that-a-way, sir. i ‘member thinking that was weird, cause,
see, there’s nothing down that except a couple of statues and some
woodses. but mrs. brewer says dogs can smell stuff better than we can,
so maybe the dog found some treasure or somethin’ and he just runned off.

i used to do that too, sir, but mommy told me to stop leavin’ her,
cause there are people who want to hurt me, she says, and
they can’t get through mommies.
anyhows, that’s really all i know, sir. sorry sir, i was distracted.
my team won by the way.
if you see jimmy, though, sir, tell him we can play again soon.

“Thank You For Your Help,” he says instead,

and i open my eyes
and the lights flash blue and red and blue again,
like the flag we all look at in the mornings,
blue, red, blue, red,
wailing like jimmy is trapped inside,
saying, “mommy, mommy, isn’t it time to go home for dinner?”
full title: a graduated game of hide-and-seek, played with someone who will never graduate

so i know this is a bit more...complicated and kind of disturbing, but our assignment for english class (like with the "write a poem about a place" thing) was to write a poem from a child's point of view, so i wrote....a poem about...child molestation and kidnapping?

sorry? yeah, sorry. i don't really know why my mind decided this would be okay to write about, but i liked the ending.

so that's why the grammar's bad, and there's a lot of 'sir's. i imagine at that point in this child's life, her mother had taught her to be polite, but not when to use polite phrases. i imagine this is set in the south with the way the words are slung together, so try reading it with a slight southern accent. thoughts? any words that seem too educated for a four-six year old? good, bad, i would love to hear from you guys.
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Hfeather53 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
oh... this was so sad... but written very well, it kept my attention.
rayoflight20 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013   Writer
This read like a story and right about the middle I gasped and realized what was going on. And then my heart plummeted as I saw the inevitable "red, blue, whitle lights" ending coming. Very, very good. It had all the drama of anything told from the perspective of children. As adults we can recognize the horror they are simply not aware of. It reminded me a bit of "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" which was old by a 9 year old. Same feeling of recognizing the horror while a child's innocence colours the whole experience....which it makes it all the more haunting. So really good job, the ending, especially the last few lines were my favourite.
CRMdrummergirl Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist
This is really god. I'd recommend reading the book Room if you haven't already, this kinda reminded me of it.
meghan-solo Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
i like the use of the language, i'm imagining a kid about 7-8 reading this
Lacewinged-Beauty Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013   Writer
I've been writing about this too ... :shrug:

I liked this, a lot. Really liked the repetitive use of sir.
xNeverxTherexForxMex Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
This was really descriptive, very eye-catching. The last two lines made my heart plummet: good job! :)
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